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Specialized Counseling For

Health Care Workers

Saving other's lives while putting one's own life at risk, exposes our healthcare workers to extreme distress. EpsyClinic has specially designed distress management therapy sessions for you and lots of helpful articles and videos


Whether you are a pregnant mom, a young mother, a homemaker or a professional. lockdowns, disruptions at home and work must be overwhelming. Help us heal you with our counseling service and our content and talks for you!

Frontline Workers

To everyone out there fighting the COVID19 war for the nation, EpsyClinic has created a counseling program and has featured webinars so that you can take care of yourself while taking care of India


Working from home, losses of jobs and business, surely this is an overwhelming phase. We are here to support you. Pick up the call or chat and watch our webinars specially for you.

Blue-Collared Workers

They are losing work, their livelihoods. But hope is not lost. They are the backbone of our nation. We provide multilingual counseling on simple dialer phone for those who are the most affected


Yes, its a phase of vulnerability for you. For years you have supported us. Its time we express our gratitude. We have our best therapists wanting to listen to all that is bothering you. We hope to connect and ease your worries.

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